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To give free educational, Bitcoin content to the world so that they learn what money is and why Bitcoin is the best money ever created

Bitcoin Education In Africa

The Mission of “Fix the Money Fix the World,” is to give free education to the world about the best money ever known to man, Bitcoin.​

We decided to start educating in Africa because we felt that the impact would be much greater due to the huge economic and philanthropic potential that Africa has if they adopt Bitcoin. Bitcoin is money that:

  • Is decentralized.
  • Is trustless.
  • Has rules but no rulers.
  • Has a fixed money supply.
  • Has no bias towards the rich or the poor.
  • Has the ability to force authoritarianism to bend its knee to the free people.
  • Values and properly compensates the time energy expended by humans.
  • Requires proof of work.
  • Perpetuates prosperity through free market incentives.