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About Us

Jeremy Garcia and Oluwasegun Kosemani are regular, everyday people, known in the Bitcoin world as “plebs.” They set out on a mission to provide free Bitcoin education to the African people because they felt that their goal to “fix the money, fix the world” would be most impactful on the great country of Africa.

Jeremy is a an Civil/Agricultural Engineer. Olu is the CEO of a Bitcoin exchange in Africa known as Botmecash.

Africa is the largest country in the world and stands to benefit the most by adopting the best money ever created. The potential of Africa is seen not only in its diverse, strong people but in its potential to be a sovereign country.

Over the years, Africa’s great resources have been ransacked by other countries and powerful forces because these entities just wanted to steal Africa’s resources.

To this day, there are 14 countries in Africa that are still under “French Rule”, because they use the Franc as their money. BITCOIN FIXES THIS.

Bitcoin affords the African people and the rest of the world the opportunity to adopt a money that no one controls and that no one can confiscate.

Bitcoin will empower individuals that adopt it by allowing them to retain their sovereignty from governments who continually imprison their people with fiat, or government issued currency, that can be printed at the whims of those in power, thus stealing people’s monetary purchasing power through the insidious, hidden tax called “inflation.”

Jeremy Garcia

Oluwasegun Kosemani