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To Fix the Money and Fix the World it will take the support of many willing individuals.

Your donations will be used to cover the costs to print and distribute books into Africa for free.

Eventually, we hope to open Bitcoin Schools in Africa where we can educate African children about the importance of money and how Bitcoin is the best money to ever be created.

Future donations will also go towards helping local villages with food, water and energy.

The more that we can educate people about Bitcoin the more empowered the African people will be in becoming self sustainable with their Bitcoin holdings. As Africans adopt Bitcoin, they will be able to save their purchasing power in Bitcoin instead of saving in their local currencies, like the enaira, which is being devalued by as much as 20% plus per month.

As local African people learn the power of saving in Bitcoin, versus their local fiat currencies, they will be able to start saving to build up their local communities in the form of building schools, churches, water wells, farms and so much more. Bitcoin will enable everyone to build a world that is self-sustainable because the money is not in the control of government authorities.